Investment strategy and management approach

Focus on “niche” sectors and asset classes

In evaluating private equity investments, Threestones Capital looks for asset classes with stable and predictable cash flows, positive supply/demand fundamentals, a favorable demographic profile, and assets with potential to generate capital gains over 5 to 7 years. Threestones Capital aims to identify investments in “niche” growing asset classes or industries which are reasonably priced and to build portfolios / execute “build-up” strategies aimed to achieve critical mass or significant market position to make the investment attractive to international strategic players, institutions or public markets.

A two-fold investment strategy

In devising the investment strategy and select investment markets, the company privileges a top-down approach recognising that business cycles are influenced by major global and local economic indicators. As far as the execution of the investment strategy is concerned, Threestones believes that local market knowledge and execution strength (deal sourcing, deal negotiations and operation management) are critical factors to successful investments.

Hands-on direct management

Threestones believes in “hands-on” direct investment management and detailed control of operations. and applies a vertically integrated operations management approach. Threestones Capital is managed by its 3 founding partners who are engaged full-time in the business and are aligned with investor’s interests.