TSC German Residential Fund

Investment Objective

Invest in German residential real estate focusing on assets and locations offering value growth and rental increase potential, while collecting current rents.

Investment Strategy and Key Performance drivers

  • Core/Core+medium to long-term investment strategy (open ended)
  • Following a defensive and risk-averse but proactive and hands-on IRR and CoC-focused approach
  • Generating value-preserving, stable and risk adjusted returns, capital growth and added value:
    • Through strong and stable rental income
    • rent increase incl. vacancy reduction
    • unit separation and condominium sales
    • value accretive capex initiatives such as attic fit-out

This strategy offers a unique investment proposition combining current cash flow with capital gain potential

Key Drivers of Performance

  • Renting of vacant space at current market level: old rent agreements 50% below current market
  • Rent increase through property improvements: common spaces, energy savings programs, façade, lift, etc.
  • Increase of rentable area: top floor (roof) permitted by law,…